Data Protection Notice


This Data Protection Notice gives information about when and why we collect personal information from you, how we keep it and use it. The information within it is not to be used for any other purposes.

BabyJazz is the trading name of Ruby Barker's early years music and education work. Ruby Barker is a sole trader, working as a Singer and Educationist.

We seek to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 25 May 2018 to the best of our ability. We respect your rights to privacy, consent and data protection. To achieve this we have looked at the way we collect, use and store data and updated our practices. We will continue to review our practices and introduce changes as and when necessary and keep you informed.

Briefly under GDPR your rights include; 

  • the right to be informed
  • the right of access
  • the right to rectification
  • the right to erasure
  • the right to restrict processing
  • the right to data portability
  • the right to object
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making and profiling

Full information about your rights are found at Information Commissioner's Office. If you have any questions, complaint or query for BabyJazz regarding your personal data please contact us at

Personal information collection












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Texts & Calls











Online Music Sales






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Personal testimony


We collect a limited amount of personal information from our Users, Partners and prospective Partners for the purpose of Marketing and legitimate business purposes related to BabyJazz, Ruby Barkers' musical and education ventures. The primary ways we do this are through our mailing list sign-up on our website and in-person at our classes and Special events.

We use a number of third party platforms to communicate with our Users and the general public including;

  • MailChimp
  • BabyJazz Website
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Hoop page
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • CD Baby page

Each of these parties has their own Privacy Policies and Procedures relating to your data.


Our e-mailing list is currently stored and managed through our MailChimp account and is subject to their Data Protection/Privacy Policies and Procedures. You can join our mailing list by completing our sign up on our website or in person at our classes. You are asked to provide your full name. In accordance with GDPR consent practices you will be required to double opt-in after subscribing. You can unsubscribe at any time and each communication has an unsubscribe option.


 Our email provider is Microsoft Outlook and is hosted by a third party and is subject to their Data Protection/Privacy Policies & Procedures. Email 's to are treated confidentially by us. We do not routinely store your private data such as your name, email address, phone number. Where necessary your emails are kept as a record of business transaction or inquiry for a reasonable period of time (up to four years given the nature of our business is Early Years activity).


Your text messages and calls to our mobile are treated confidentially and responded to as and when. The numbers are not be routinely stored unless the User and ourselves specifically agree to do so but it is not common practice.


We presently sell tickets to our events in the following ways, in cash on the day of the class or online in advance through Hoop. The data collected when you make an online payment is managed by Hoop and subject to their Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Some of our BabyJazz Special events are ticketed through our Partner organisations. In this case, your data will be handled solely by the Partner organisation and its security and privacy relates to their Data Protection/Privacy Policy Procedures. Your personal financial data is not shared with us and we do not access any of your personal data.

If you purchase a Pick'n'Mix Pass you will receive a Pass. There are presently two methods of payment. For bank transfers we record your name, email and sometimes phone number to issue you with an invoice. For cash payments an a receipt including the aforementioned data is issued. Invoices and receipts are included in our annual financial returns.


We presently sell our music online through CD Baby and iTunes and Apple Music. The personal data you provide to  is subject to the respective companies Data Protection/Privacy Policy & Procedures. None of your personal financial or personal data is stored independently by BabyJazz.


We presently use SquareSpace to host our website. Their sites make use of Cookies and Analytics to their Data Protection/Privacy Policy & Procedures.


Photos and video's of our activities (including some images of baby & young child participants with or without their Parents) are included in our marketing material on our website, social media platforms and in our marketing e-mails. We do try not to over-use images with young participants but it is useful to demonstrate what we do and the impact/response of our participants.


Reviews from our Parent Users and Partners are presently captured online through the review function on our facebook page and through written questionnaires at our classes and Special events.

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Images for Marketing & Education







Personal testimony


Your personal privacy is important to us. We seek your consent before collecting any of your data and will only use that data for legitimate business and marketing purposes related to BabyJazz and Ruby Barker's musical work.

As mentioned we presently use a number of third party social media platforms to market and communicate with our Users and perspective Users including; MailChimp, our Website, Facebook page and to a lesser extent our Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and CD Baby pages. Each of these parties has their own Privacy Policies and Procedures and must adhere to GDPR legislation for EU citizens.

BabyJazz does not buy, share or sell your information data with any other parties. The computer we use to access these sites and process data is encrypted and password secured.


Users who are signed up to our mailing list will have their name and email address saved to our MailChimp account. You will receive the following.

  • E-Newsletter via our MailChimp account (2 per term approx 6-8 per annum)
  • Cancellation notices for classes/events (as and when)
  • Special Events (as and when)

All our MailChimp communications have an unsubscribe option and you can to unsubscribe at any time. In compliance with GDPR we will request that all Users currently on our MailChimp mailing list before 25 May actively opt-in to remain. Those who chose not to will be removed.


As a Hoop organiser organisation we market our activities to Hoop Users through our Hoop page. We also sell some of tickets online through Hoop. As a Hoop organiser we have access to the names of attendees who have bought tickets through and any related messages. 

Class register's presently record the Parents and Child's first name including Hoop ticket holders. Individual class registers and a print out of all Hoop bookings during the year is included in our annual tax returns unless otherwise directed.


We recognise the importance of safe guarding children and the privacy of all their data. We actively seek and secure specific Parental consent before taking and using photos and film footage that includes Children when ever possible. We also seek permission of the rights holder to use images of our activities, if they are not held by us and seek to adhere to any of their 'terms of use'. No images are to be used for any other purposes than legitimate business/marketing purposes. With your consent we will use this across a variety of our marketing and social media platforms. Some of these are closed groups, like our Mailing List, others accessible by the general public, like our website, facebook page etc. We do not buy or sell images to any third parties. We are also careful not to make any reference to any information that may identify any child. Where ever possible we seek to work within the guidelines of NSPCC good practice. If you have a question regarding an image used by BabyJazz please contact us at


Personal testimony from Parents and Partners is very valuable to sharing and promoting our work. With your consent we will use this across a variety of our marketing and social media platforms. Some of these are closed groups, like our Mailing List, others accessible by the general public, like our website, facebook page etc. By leaving a review on third party platform like our facebook page it is important that you are aware it is presently viewable by the general public and not a closed group. Where ever possible we seek secondary consent to use our Users reviews on our facebook page in our general Marketing. If you have a question regarding an image used by BabyJazz please contact us at