We have downloaded them all and love them!!!
— Mia’s mum
Beautiful…..I think the mix of your voice and the beatbox makes it somehow more accessible for kids ...there is something about that sound that makes it more intimate and personal ...
— N. Ritta
I love, love, love it and so does Omarr. It’s really good
— Omarr’s mum

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Ruby I really felt delighted to work with you and the jazz musicians..thank you again for this amazing time.
— DavidX, Beatboxer, Vocal Global
Just had a quick listen and it really sounds wonderful. You’ve made something very special Ruby
— Andy Hamill, Double Bassist, 4Hero, Eska,
It was really good fun both musically and in terms of vibe...I think you are onto a good and important thing here.
— Jonny Phillips, Guitarist, Oriole

Ruby Barker, Singer BabyJazz Founder & Leader, Time to Play Song Writer & Producer

Kim Murray, Guitarist BabyJazz Accompanist & Time to Play Album

DavidX, Beatboxer & vocal artist BabyJazz Accompanist, Singles & Time to Play Album

Andy Hamill, Double bassist Singles & Time to Play Album

Sean Hargreaves, Pianist Time to Play Album

Matthew Mole Post Production & Mixed 'Time to Play' Album

Jonny Phillips, Guitarist Guitarist Singles 2014

Cowshed Recording Studio Recorded & Mixed Single 2014